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We guarantee perfect transparency of the oaks purchased from the ONF transformed by us. Total integration of the sector ensures traceability from the forest to the winegrower.


The history of oaks in France is closely linked to that of Man, not only through the use of wood, but also through agriculture .

They are the queen essence   especially because of their strong adaptability.

They still appreciate sunny spaces and regions with a temperate climate.


Our wood purchases

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Wood selection

Under the expert eye of Franck Monteau and Maison CANADELL , the machined wood was carefully selected to ensure the optimum quality of the barrels, then taken to the site. As soon as they arrive, the staves are rigorously checked and then listed before being stored. It is mainly French oak from central France. But the cooperage also has wood from specific forests such as: Allier, Jupilles, Tronçais, Vosges, forests in the Paris region and Normandy.

Then comes the "Maturation" stage, also called "Drying the wood" , which will last between 24   and 36 months, all of this depends on the climatic conditions at the time. The staves will know the sun, the rain and the wind which will allow them to dry in a "natural" way and to develop the volatile aromatic compounds specific to "oak wood". It is only after this crucial stage that they will be shaped into staves to ultimately become barrels.

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