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Wood preparation

During the preparation of the wood, the staves are machined in the latest generation of French digital machines where the staves are shortened, doled, jointed and hollowed out. To pass from the stave to the stave , several stages   of control are necessary in order to produce barrels of superior quality. 

Montage de barriques, Tonnellerie Orion


The staves are then paired   to acquire the development necessary for the volume of the desired barrel. The same operation is carried out on the bottom parts.

Chauffe, tonnellerie

The Toast

Because all Orion barrels can be made to measure in our workshops, the selection of toasts is specific to the wishes of the customer.

The technique used at Orion allows for even heating throughout .

Thanks to their experience , our sales representatives are able to make suggestions concerning the degree of heating specific to each customer.

Ponçage, personnalisation

Sanding and Customization 

In terms of finishes, Tonnellerie Orion offers you, when ordering and at no additional cost, the possibility of laser engraving on one or two bottoms according to your request, the logo of the castle or any marking such as the year. for example.

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