ORION prides itself on the quality of the barrels that leave our cooperage. Our quality control begins in the forests where our wood originates. It continues throughout the barrel making process and beyond to the transport of the barrels to the client.


In our continuous effort to offer an outstanding product, ORION has recently acquired TCA testing equipment for our completed barrels. ORION is the only cooperage in the world to own this equipment. We automatically test 20% of the barrels in each order; the remaining barrels in the order can be tested for a nominal charge per barrel.


In an effort to maintain full transparency, we can provide all documentation of wood origin, and age for all our barrels at the request of the client. Our HACCP process is a further backup for our traceability.


ORION follows a rigorous external audit process via HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) in order to guarantee the food safety of our barrels. The HACCP process involves an initial detailed analysis of the cooperage and the establishment of subsequent monitoring, record-keeping and verification procedures


Our wood is purchased from forests managed by the ONF (Office national des forêts) and is PEFC (Promouvoir la gestion durable de la forêt) certified. Both these bodies exist to guarantee the renewal of the forest resources by overseeing their sustainable management.