Under the expert eye of Franck Monteau, the wood that is ultimately made into ORION barrels is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality with the desired tightness and consistency of grain. All our French oak comes from the Center of France. Although the great majority of the barrels requested are a COF blend, the client has the option of choosing a specific forest or forests for each barrel: Allier, Jupilles, Tronçais, Vosges and occasionally Nièvres and Bertranges, are all possibilities.


Because all ORION barrels can be considered custom, toast selection is specific to a client’s wishes. With Bayard’s extensive experience in the industry, and as a winemaker himself, he is able to make suggestions regarding the degree of toasting that might complement any given varietal or blend. Barrel heads can also be toasted if so desired. The toasting pot at ORION is done in such a way as to penetrate the staves regardless of the degree of toast requested.

Fire is the classical method of bending staves. However some wines, usually white, benefit from a thermo-regulated water bending. In these cases, our Neptune process allows the partial elimination of water soluble tannins which enhances the fruit.


Included in all orders is the option of having the winery logo lasered on one or both heads of each barrel. Any other marking desired such as vintage or inventory number can also be added at no charge.